Prevents the hairloss through the stimulating effect on the cellular metabolism and the nutritive contribution to the scalp. It contains active substances such as horse radish extracts (known as CREN) and an amynopeptidic complex system derived from the hydrolyzed soya proteins. Both the vasoditlator qualities of the horse radish extracts and the soya proteins make the product an integrative nourishing and revitalizing element for the scalp, strenghening the piliferous bulb whose weakness can cause hairloss. In case of sensitive skin it may cause redness; it is recommended to do a preliminary test of the products first and then proceed with the treatment. Use: apply 15 ml of shampoo, leave on for 2/3 minutes. Risnse off well and apply Curativ Ego Cren Lotion. For the first two weeks apply every three days.

AE105_Cren Energizing Treatment Lotion 125ml