Dudley’s Cream Protein Hair Conditioner strengthens and restores moisture within the hair shaft. It reduces tangles, leaving hair with an incredible softness and sheen. Usage: -Shampoo the hair. -Towel blot to remove excess water from the hair. -Massage a generous amountod Dudley's Cream Protein in the hair. -Leave on 3-5 minutes. (Heat is optional) -Rinse thoroughly. Ingredients: -Hydrolyzed Animal Protein – a moisturizing protein that bonds to the hair, smoothing the cuticle so that the hair is healthy and lustrous. -Stearalkonium Chloride – an anti-static agent that detangles hair, imparts compatibility and sheen. -Propylene Glycol – a humectant that adds moistures, making the hair more pliable.

DD102_Creme Protein 8oz