Dudley’s Curl Activator & Moisturizer is a rich moisturizer that activates, conditions and lusterizes coarse, medium and fine curly styles. It softens hair and increases fullness without causing wetness or stickiness. Usage: 1.Apply a small quantity of Dudley's Curl Activator & Moisturizer on your palm and rub palms together. 2.Distribute product evenly through the hair. 3.Style as usual. 4.For extreme dryness, moisturize twice daily. Ingredients: Glycerin – a clear syrupy liquid made by chemically combining water and fat, a humectant that draws moisture into the hair. Aloe Vera – a wild cactus whose juice has been shown to speed healing while moisturizing the skin and hair. Nucleic Acids – the building blocks of protein. They form a water-retentive film on the surface of the scalp and hair.

DD107_Curl Activator 8oz