Dudley’s Hair Rebuilder is a penetrating conditioner for badly damaged hair that enhances sheen, softness and strength. Its special blend of vitamins, nucleic acids and keratin add body and improved elasticity for all hair types. Usage: 1.Shampoo the hair. 2.Apply a generous amount of Dudley's Hair Rebuilder to hair. 3.Massage throughout the hair. 4.Leave on the hair for 5-10 minutes. (Heat optional) 5.Rinse thoroughly. Ingredients: -Panthenol – penetrates the hair strands and makes hair thicker and more pliable. -Biotin – penetrates the cortex to act as a building block and impart sheen. -Amino Acids – The body’s building block, from which proteins are constructed. Helps hold water in the cortex.

DD114_Hair Rebuilder 8oz