Dudley’s The Shampoo is a deep cleanser that removes oil and residue from the hair. The Shampoo does a thorough job of cleansing while conditioning the hair with natural herbal extracts and conditioners derived from Jojoba Oil, Aloe and Panthenol. During shampooing these finely blended, lightweight oils and proteins penetrate to strengthen the hair. Usage: 1.Wet the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. 2.Apply a generous amount of The Shampoo to the hair. 3.Massage thoroughly throughout the hair. 4.Rinse and towel blot. 5.Repeat Steps 2-4 Ingredients: Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate – a gentle foam-stabilizing agent that enriches lather and works by attracting dirt and grime. Jojoba Oil – a natural oil formulated to treat hair and scalp problems caused by the build-up of sebum. Easily absorbed. Panthenol – Vitamin B-5 complex that penetrates the hair shaft, adding pliability and body.

DD129_The Shampoo 8oz